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I'm looking for some help coding a EA or simple java programmed as follows:

I need a MT4 scanner app  that will scan all symbols from the mt4 market watch of MT4 that picks out symbols that have the Weekly, D1 and H4 time frame candles lining up either bearish or bullish. With also the trend channel agreeing across Weekly, D1 and H4 for either bullish or bearish setups. Then look at the indicator "support and resistance barry" added in (Ill Supply) . So when say support lines up for say a bullish setup over D1 and H4 time frames that it has a some type of pop up window to let me know which pairs to look at. And vice versa for a bearish setup too.

Skope of works:

Multi-Timeframe Analysis: Ensure that the scanner app can analyze multiple timeframes (Weekly, D1, and H4) simultaneously. This will enable it to identify consistent bullish or bearish alignments across these timeframes.

Candlestick Pattern Recognition: Incorporate a feature in the scanner app that can recognize specific candlestick alignments on the selected timeframes. This will help identify potential bullish or bearish setups providing additional confirmation for your setups.

Trend Channel Verification: Include the ability to verify trend channels across the Weekly, D1, and H4 timeframes. The scanner should check if the trend channels align with the identified bullish or bearish setups. This can add another layer of confirmation to your trades.

Integration of "Support and Resistance Barry" Indicator: Ensure the scanner app can integrate and analyze the "Support and Resistance levels Barry" indicator. This indicator can provide insights into potential support and resistance levels, further strengthening your trade decisions but only on the H4 and Daily or have a feature where I can turn on the weekly and monthly if I need to?

Alert System: Implement a pop-up window or an alert system within the scanner app. When a bullish or bearish setup meets your criteria, the app should notify you with the relevant symbol and timeframe combination that indicates a potential trading opportunity.

Customizable Parameters: Provide flexibility within the scanner app to customize the parameters according to your trading preferences. This includes options to adjust the sensitivity of the indicators, select specific candlestick patterns, and set the criteria for trend channel alignment.

User-Friendly Interface: Design the scanner app with a user-friendly interface that allows you to easily navigate and interpret the results. Clear visual indicators, color-coded alerts, and intuitive controls can enhance the usability of the app.

It's important we thoroughly test the scanner app and verify its accuracy before using it with real trades.
Can this be done and how much?
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