Indicator drawing fibo exp for marked wave and schow the biggest correction

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i need indicator for two functions
1.    Finding the biggest correction in the wave and making projection
I want to have possibility make projection of finded correction as a percentage of origin size. A few values will be fine
I need information about size of finded correcton. If size is below X pips then information is f.e. red, if size is above X then information is f.e. green
2.    Making a fibo expansion of measured wave
Indicator schould mark the biggest correction, descript points A, B, C, D and calculate ratio between waves CD and AB
I need posibility to set fibo levels
3.     when price will make new high or low, indicator schould update
4.    And for both make possibility to set different type lines (dot, line, etc)
5.    And i want to set different colors for each next item. What does it mean. If i set those colors: yellow, dark orange, red, dark violet,, first measure will be yellow, second will be dark orange, next will be red.
6.    Drawing line schould be manually or semiautomatis as in indicator i sent


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