A simple news filter and auto trading scheduler 2-in-1

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Hello, I'm looking for an EA that many will snap up later.

This EA will allow fully automated trading by implementing two types of limitations:

- A first concerning a news filter with a management of the stop / resumption of trading according to the news and the gravity (light / medium / strong)

- A second with the management of the times from which to trigger auto trading and stop it, regardless of the number of daily time slots. With local time or broker time function.

In order to achieve this, I recommend the coder to take inspiration from iceFX.NewsInfo (https://darkmoonfx.com/newsinfo/) and AutoTrading Scheduler (https://www.earnforex.com/forum/threads /autotrading-scheduler.42228/)

Why this EA rather than the two combined? Simply because if AutoTrading Scheduler is running and the time slot allows trading, the news system does not allow the EA to be stopped by directly conflicting with the time scheduler.

The idea is to find all the functionalities in a single ex4: activation/deactivation of auto trading according to the time slot AND the news without one interfering with the other.

Am I able to be clear ^^? Thank you,


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