Indicator based on AO,MA and William Percent Range

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The idea of ​​the indicator

Firstly the custom indicator is base on Awesome Oscillator, 2 X Moving Average  and William Percent Range found in preinstalled MT4 client

What you need to do

As we know ''William Percent Range'' have level -20 as OVERBOUGHT and level -80 as OVERSOLD..

When Awesome Oscillator hillSimple Moving Average, Exponential Moving Average and William Percent Range Line reach/cross above the level -20 which is overbought,

then start to Display Alert as 'Sell Mode', Sound Alert, Push Notification To Email ( Mail Alerts ), Push Notification For Mobile Terminal (Push Alerts). Also place an red arrow on top of the candlestick as indication of selling mode. (The arrow should only appear when all 4 indicator successfully cross the overbought level)

When Awesome Oscillator hill Simple Moving Average, Exponential Moving Average and William Percent Range Line reach/cross below the level -80 which is oversold,

then start to 'Display Alert as 'Buy Mode', Sound AlertPush Notification To Email ( Mail Alerts )Push Notification For Mobile Terminal (Push Alerts). Also place and green arrow below the candlestick as indication of buying mode. (The arrow should only appear when all 4 indicator successfully cross the oversold level)


- please add the ability to ''change the color of the buy/sell arrow'' , ''size of the buy/sell arrow'' and  ''shifting arrow from extreme'' function.

- please add the ability to  choose either ''the candle should be close in respective level -20 / -80 to generate signal'' or using ''the current candle moving in respective level -20 / -80 to generate signal''

- please add the ability to ''turn off / turn on'' repeating signal.

- please display the overbought / oversold level in the indicator window.

- please add the ability to change ''existing level value'' (Example: current oversold level is -80, with this function, i can change to level -70)

- Please add the ability to change the ''description'' of the level

- Please add the ability to change ''color'' and ''style of the level'' 


1.Use the picture below as guidance

2.Use the indicator setting provide in the image below

3.Please show all input for each indicator for future modification

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