Simple MT5 EA tick-driven with only a few parameters without any entry triggers or money management rules

2020.09.16 Experts


Main condition for placing order :

Since I have no access to your previous work, how do I know whether you are really capable or not of doing this job. You have to produce a sample without supplying me an exe or mql file, just by displaying at MT5 platform of AMP Futures which is where I trade. 

I have been burned by coders who promise to do the job but can't do and attract arbitration. It does not help them. Me because I have to lose money and give a lot of time in educating them how to do. They don't  as well as test it, the developer loses rating. 

If you are good at mt5, can do in one day, why not code it and upload exe file on AMP Futures MT5 demo and post a few trade demonstrations with different examples and give me an investor's password (View only facility) to post a few demonstrations.

If you can't fulfill this condition, please don't make any offer.

Thank you

Looking for an MT5 EA to be coded with the following parameters


Magic No;

Size of Lots,

No of lots,



Close All.

Open trade at TF (pull down menu of (TF) (yes/no)

If yes, use pull down menu of TF

If no, don't use TF to close. Just leave it so that it hits TP or SL.

Close trade at Same TF occurring next time. (yes/No)

If No, I have have choice to select any TF and not necessary follow Same TF in which the trade was opened.


(a) If I select open trade at 15m TF any time before 14 minutes, it should trigger trade after 14 minutes when it hits  the open of 15m TF. If I select 4 minutes before 5 TF candle to open, it should trigger only when it opens 5 TF candle. If I select no, then TF candle is not used to open the trades. It will immediately open the trade and let it hit TP or SL to close it.

(b) If I select Close trades at the next candle of Opened trade of 15 minutes TF,  it should close at the end of the same 15m TF candle. If no, then I should be able to close the trade opened in any TF of my choice. Example: I opened trade 25 minutes or even 1 minute before the close of 30m TF candle, it should close after hitting the close of 30m TF candle. The trade opened 25 minutes before will close at 30m TF close. the trade opened at 1 minute before will also close at 30m TF candle close.

Max No of allowed trades: Example : Maximum as long as supported by margin equity . It should not accept more than the margin equity allowed.

Max Number of entries opened : If I select 30 it should open 30 trades but lower than the Max no of allowed trades.

Seconds : xxxx between entries. If I select 0 seconds, and time is 8:00  then 1st entry will start at 15TF open starting at 8:01:00, second at 8:01:01 , ending at 8:01:30. Because of market volatility it is acceptable if there is variation in entries being triggered at more than 0 seconds.

%Buying:  xx . If I select 70% of buying, the trade entries will be 70% Long and 30% short. It means in the example given of 30 trades, 70% or 21 trades will be long and 30% or 9 trades will be shorted. If I select 0% buying, then all 30 trades will be short. If Iselect 100% all 30 trades will be long. If I select 50%, 15 trades will be long and 15 trades will be short.

Alert: Email and Notification by phone when the trades entered (30 trades positions) is in Loss territory. 

Data window should display outputs of account statistics and also key inputs of the EA. Like ToDay Profit/Loss, Current open Trades Profit/Loss, Profit/Loss of last bunch of trades (all lots executed at same time),  Number of Long and Short positions, Average price of total no of Long and Short positions , Equity Account, Free Margin.TP,SL, lot size, etc.



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