Real time data - MT4 to Amibroker

2019.12.01 Integration


Need a realtime data plugin in amibroker, which the data is imported from MT4
  • Plugin must have backfill function. Backfill as long/far as the data available of every symbol in History Center in MT4
  • Plugin must handle 1 minutes interval, with realtime data stream into Amibroker
  • Plugin must import all O, H, L, C, V data available in History Center.
  • Plugin must running natively on Amibroker 64 bit (6.30 & up), and Windows 10 - 64 Bit.
  • Plugin must handle multiple symbol in MT4 simultaneously (since it will be periodically (1-5 minutes interval) scanned for signals in amibroker)
All process should be run efficiently (no system hog) in minimum i5, 16GB RAM environment.

All source code (c++, mq4) needs to be delivered as part of the project.

Documentation of how to install and manual of how to use, is needed.

If this project can be delivered successfully, there will be another project: "sending automated order from Amibroker to MT4".


Project information

45 - 75 USD
For the developer
40.5 - 67.5 USD
from 2 to 7 day(s)


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