TradingView Webhook Alerts to Telegram to MT4

2019.11.05 Experts


I need an MT4 EA with source code that does the following:

Send an alert from TradingView through a webhook which will be  received through Telegram API and then received by MT4 and opens a trade. 

The input panel of the bot should have the following inputs: 

  • Bot Token from Telegram
  • Channel ID from Telegram
    • Channel Name from Telegram 

The webhook will send a message alert like this:


If anything equals 0 it is ignored. 

The formula to calculate lot size is the following:

Lot Size = 1 /(SL in Points / (Capital x Risk%))

This would assume an example account of sending an alert, calculating lot size, setting a stop loss, and setting a take profit:

Balance $1000


Lot size = 0.27

EURUSD: 1.10150

Stop Loss Set at: 1.10000

Take Profit Set at: 1.10250 to close 0.14

If breakeven is set to 1, after the first TP hit, SL should be moved to Entry Price +- 0.00005. (+ for buy trade, - for sell trade)

It should also have the ability to send a “close alert” message:

close_%. In which case it would close only a specified % of the current open position. A close alert should also move SL to Entry Price +- 0.00005. 

If there is a Buy Trade open, and a Sell Trade Alert happens, it must completely close the Buy Trade, leave a small delay so it can read the new balance and then process to calculate Lot Size the same way. Same thing for the opposite situation. 

Project information

30 - 150 USD
For the developer
27 - 135 USD


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