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MartGreg: An Expert Advisor, based on two MACD. It uses the martingale money management system. The money management is based on the fixed part and martingale system with limited number of doubles. Author: Fox Rex
EntropyMath: The entropy indicator performed in the form of the MACD colored histogram Fig.1 The EntropyMath indicator Author: Nikolay Kositsin
New article Three Aspects of Manual Trading Automation. Part 1: Trading has been published: This article is the first in a series of articles on manual trading automation in the МetaТrader 4 trading platform. Each of the articles will be devoted to one of the following aspects: automation of manual...
Stretch Breakout Channel: The Stretch is a Toby Crabel price pattern which represents the minimum average price movement/deviation from the open price during a period of time, and is used to calculate two breakout levels for every single trading day. Author: Point Zero
CheckPower of Bulls/Bears: Based on ibull/ibear, but compare power to define good entry bars. Author: ngoc thach
New article The Random Sandbox has been published: The article includes an interactive "sandbox" as an Excel file which simulates randomized Expert Advisor backtest data. Readers can use this to help explore and more deeply understand the EA performance metrics offered by default with MetaTrader....
ZFXiSwap2: Any symbol Bid, LastDayDiff(% or pip), Spread, Swap, Hi-Lo Today, Hi-Lo Week, Hi-Lo Mounth view to separate window. Author: ZeonFX
C_Factor_HLH4_Buy_Only: Buy only using High Previous candle Breakout H4 timeframe Author: devifx
Exp_Extremum: Trading system using the Extremum indicator Fig. 1. The instances of history of deals on the chart. Author: Nikolay Kositsin
CSV Margin Tracker: Writes Account Balance, Equity, Margin, to a .csv file in regular intervals, and alerts via email when certain Margins levels are reached Author: rmichelsen
MACDonRSI: The MACD histogram drawn on the basis of the RSI smoothed oscillator Fig.1 The MACDonRSI indicator Author: Nikolay Kositsin
Normalized_Volume_Oscillator: Extended version of the normalized volume indicator. Added tools that simplify the visual analysis of the indicator values Fig.1 The Normalized_Volume_Oscillator indicator Author: Nikolay Kositsin
VoltyChannel_Stop: The NRTR trend indicator that sends alerts and Push messages Fig.1 The VoltyChannel_Stop indicator Author: Nikolay Kositsin
PsyIndicator: The trend indicator drawn in the form of the cloud Fig.1 The PsyIndicator indicator Author: Nikolay Kositsin
DayBorders: The indicator draws the boundaries of the calendar day for trading by Larry Williams Fig.1 The DayBorders indicator Author: Nikolay Kositsin
New article OpenCL: The Bridge to Parallel Worlds is published: In late January 2012, the software development company that stands behind the development of MetaTrader 5 announced native support for OpenCL in MQL5. Using an illustrative example, the article sets forth the programming basics in...
GreedyPigAnalyzerIndicator: Indicator to save screen shots of your charts at regular intervals, based off the timeframe of a chart. Great for analyzing combinations of indicators, Price Action, and multiple timeframes. Author: TheGreedy Pig
ZFXiSwap: Any symbol Swap, Spread, Hi-Lo Today, Hi-Lo Week, Hi-Lo Mounth view to separate window. Author: ZeonFX
InverseReaction: This indicator is based on the idea of that an unusual impact in price changes will be adjusted by an inverse reaction... Author: Erdem Sen
Sliders: Uses up to 4 visual "sliders" in the chart window to quickly and easily adjust values of any technical indicator in a separate window. Based on MetaTrader 4 chart objects, not DLLs. Author: Clerin
SilverTrend_Signal: The indicator generates buy and sell signals using colored dots on a chart and displays messages. Author: Nikolay Kositsin
AC_Signal: Semaphore, signal indicator based on the values ​​of the Accelerator of Bill Williams with showing alerts, push-notifications, and sending e-mail messages Fig.1 The AC_Signal indicator Author: Nikolay Kositsin
Adaptive to TF SMA: The MA will automatically recalculate the period if there are any changes in time frame. Author: Gennadiy Stanilevych
SK-Days of Week: Writes days of week above candles. Author: Soheil
Imp_MA: Moving average on the basis of individual price Author: Paladin80
Second Graph: The simple indicator for displaying the price chart of any trading symbol in the indicator window. Author: Dmitry
VR---ORDERS: Indicator displays information about the current positions Author: Владимир
[EA] - Charles-1.3.7: Improvements to the previous version. Author: afabiani
A new indicator to see the range bound period and an Expert Advisor similar need help: I wrote a new indicator to find the range bound period, then we can place order when the price break the range bound. Author: heyigeng
ind_aMU.: The indicator specifies on trend and lateral movements of the price. Author: IURII TOKMAN