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hello guys i havw this Ea i need to add stop loss to the order orderSend

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Rock Abi Chebl
Rock Abi Chebl  
OrderSend(Symbol(),OP_SELL,Lots,Bid,Slippage*multi, 0,

                   Ask-20*Point,Ask + 10*Point,"SHORT Position Initiated",0,0,Red);

how i can add  the stop loss any body can help me ? 

Sherif Hasan
Sherif Hasan  

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Daniel Andrejczuk
Daniel Andrejczuk  


Look documentation "" , study!!!!

bool  OrderSend(
   MqlTradeRequest&  request,      // query structure
   MqlTradeResult&   result        // structure of the answer

struct MqlTradeRequest
   ENUM_TRADE_REQUEST_ACTIONS    action;           // Trade operation type
   ulong                         magic;            // Expert Advisor ID (magic number)
   ulong                         order;            // Order ticket
   string                        symbol;           // Trade symbol
   double                        volume;           // Requested volume for a deal in lots
   double                        price;            // Price
   double                        stoplimit;        // StopLimit level of the order
   double                        sl;               // Stop Loss level of the order
   double                        tp;               // Take Profit level of the order
   ulong                         deviation;        // Maximal possible deviation from the requested price
   ENUM_ORDER_TYPE               type;             // Order type
   ENUM_ORDER_TYPE_FILLING       type_filling;     // Order execution type
   ENUM_ORDER_TYPE_TIME          type_time;        // Order expiration type
   datetime                      expiration;       // Order expiration time (for the orders of ORDER_TIME_SPECIFIED type)
   string                        comment;          // Order comment
   ulong                         position;         // Position ticket
   ulong                         position_by;      // The ticket of an opposite position


The commnad It should be something like: 

MqlTradeRequest         mrequest;      // To be used for sending our trade requests
MqlTradeResult          mresult;       // To be used to get our trade results = x

OrderSend(mrequest, mresult)  

Best regards,


Documentation on MQL5: Trade Functions / OrderSend
Documentation on MQL5: Trade Functions / OrderSend
Trade Functions / OrderSend - Reference on algorithmic/automated trading language for MetaTrader 5
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