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conditional sequential pending order

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1218329457 2016.09.28 17:41 

Hi All.

I am a amateur trader for 4 years and still trading manuel.

According to my  technical system  ı need to enter conditional sequentional pending order.

For example.

Step-1- First order:Pending buy (dont use limit order) order  with SL and TP

Step-2 İf First pending  buy order will open than place pending sell order with SL and TP

Step-3 if market rise and open buy order TP ,than close pending sell order

Step-4 if market turns down and open buy order Stopped ( When open buy order close - this means pending sell order is open )  .After opening of pending sell order place pending buy order  with SL and TP  

Step-5 İf market downs and open sell order  TP than close pending buy order     

Step-6 if market turns up and open sell order  stopped ( When open sell order close this means pending buy order is open)  our pending buy order is open and just wait for the end. (SL or TP)

İf possibe market price 1,11111 (with 5 digit) spread  must calculate. Before start script or EA  pending buy and sell orders price , sl and tp  input by manuel. 


Thanks for helps.

Murat MESE 

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