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harrycosh 2016.09.20 23:31 
Hi All

I'm new to MQL and have a request to be able to run the below scenario:

I would like to open two trades at the same time, one to buy and one to sell at a specific date, hour, minute and second. I would be opening 10 lots, with a stop loss of 3 pips for both trades. I would then like to close the remaining open trade(s) 27 seconds after opening.

I have purposfully not set a trailing stop or a take profit level.

Hopefully I have given enough information, but let me know if you need anything else.

Thanks in advance
Daniel Stein
Daniel Stein 2016.09.20 23:44  

Hi Harry, 

i recommend to use the mql freelance section if you like to get something coded.

Best regards


Embun Burhanudin
Embun Burhanudin 2016.09.21 00:29  
it seem like as trading balance,...but it modified and advance .,i hope the strategi will pass with any broker
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