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New article Interview with Andrea Zani (ATC 2011) is published:

On the eleventh week of the Automated Trading Championship, Andrea Zani (sbraer) got featured very close to the top five of the competition. It is on the sixth place with about 47,000 USD now. Andrea's Expert Advisor AZXY has made only one losing deal, which was at the very beginning of the Championship. Since then, its equity curve has been steadily growing.

Please tell us about yourself, your occupation and how you've come to Forex.

I'm from Italy, and I work as a software developer in an international company, which deals with investments of funds into securities and other financial instruments. I've been developing various software since 1996, I usually develop using Microsoft platforms and languages like C# and others. I am also interested in other areas like Linux, opensource, and web application in general.

When did you decide to try Forex trading? Did you start right with MetaTrader 5 or had you used MetaTrader 4 before?

Maybe I am the only participant of this Championship (or one of the few), who began directly with MetaTrader 5 and MQL5. I got interested in the platform only a year ago. A friend of mine, David (brainkiller) introduced the forex world to me some months ago. Since then, I began using MetaTrader 5 and developing my own Expert Advisors. I started with the simplest ones moving on to more complex EA trying to get a profit from the market.

Andrea Zani (sbraer)

Author: Automated-Trading

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