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changing expert advisor settings on multiple charts in one go

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Alan Mckeon
Alan Mckeon 2016.09.02 17:33 


I'm fairly new to mt and trading. I'm experimenting with a few experts and I'm wondering if it's possible to change expert settings across multiple charts at once.

At the moment I have to edit the expert on each individual chart at a time.

So say if you have six charts open and I want to change the expert settings in all the charts at once instead of one at a time, is that possible?

Daniel Stein
Daniel Stein 2016.09.02 17:49  

Cheers Alan,

yes that's possible.

1. You have to save your preferred settings as a template

2. Count the position number of your template beginning with 0 -> the first template is 0, the second one is 1 and so on

3. Download the attached script file to your MT4 data folder subfolder "MQL4\Scripts"

4. Drag the script from the navigator to your chart and insert the position number of your template in the script properties 


Afterwards the script will load your template to any open chart in your MT4. 

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