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answer on signals

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quemilanga 2016.07.16 07:05 

hi im new here, i came because i saw better signals in mql than other copy trading plataforms.. you know which they are, well ,

i cant understand a thing of the systems,

why when in a day, a system shows that drop down a 1, 2 %,  people in comments says that his account dropped 20%... 

thanks for answer.. im noob haha 

Jian Chen
Jian Chen 2016.07.18 08:52  

Generally, the difference of the drawdown ratio is because that the deposit of subscriber's account is not enough to keep the trade copying ratio same with the signal provider.

For example, the deposit of signal provider's account is $2000. He/she traded 0.01 lot in a deal, and after sometime the deal's profit is -$20, and the drawdown is 1%.

And the subscriber's deposit is $100, he/she uses 95% of deposit to copy signal and the leverage of the account is same with the signal provider. After the trade copying, the trade volume in the deal is also 0.01 lot (minimum trade volume required by the broker), and the profit is also -$20, so the drawdown is 20%.  


For more information about the deal volume copying, you may read the article: General information on trading signals for MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5

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