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Discussion of article "Tomasz Tauzowski: "All I can do is pray for a loss position" (ATC 2010)"

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New article Tomasz Tauzowski: "All I can do is pray for a loss position" (ATC 2010) is published:

Tomasz Tauzowski (ttauzo) is a long-standing member of the top ten on the Automated Trading Championship 2010. For the seventh week his Expert Advisor is between the fifth and the seventh places. And no wonder: according to the report of the current Championship leader Boris Odinstov, ttauzo is one of the most stable EAs participating in the competition.

What is the principle of your current Expert Advisor? What is it based on?

It is based on Bulls Indicator. It analyses its trend and, what’s most important, magnitude. When significant change of trend occurs my EA opens proper positions. I decided to implement fixed Stop Loss and Take Profit, Take Profit twice as large as Stop Loss. In this way I need only 33% of profitable trades in order to have profits. I like a sentence "trend is your friend", which is very common on capital markets,  and modified it to "New trend may be your new friend" - I assume, that first direction of trend change, even if it is followed by a small correction, in majority cases appears to be a good direction to follow. I have over 47% of profitable trades - not much one might say, but take into consideration that for my EA profitable trade is the one that reaches 80 pips - that makes a real difference.

Another feature of my EA is that it allows only one opened position at a time but, thanks to quite frequent trade signals, is in the market for almost all the time.

Last feature of my EA is also a total mess in the code. I learned how to convert from MetaTrader 4 to MetaTrader 5 in one evening - thanks to changing the deadline for registration I managed to do that – otherwise I would be late and out of the ATC.

Tomasz Tauzowski

Author: Automated-Trading

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