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MetaQuotes Software Corp.
MetaQuotes Software Corp. 2012.10.22 06:21 

New article Interview with Boris Odintsov (ATC 2010) is published:

Boris Odintsov is one of the most impressive participants of the Championship who managed to go beyond $100,000 on the third week of the competition. Boris explains the rapid rise of his expert Advisor as a favorable combination of circumstances. In this interview he tells about what is important in trading, and what market would be unfavorable for his EA.

Boris Odintsov

Was it easy for you to move to MQL5?

In my job, I've been programming in Visual C++ for over 10 years and know object-oriented programming very well. Therefore it was easy for me.

I would single out the following features of the new trading platform:

1) Finally in MetaTrader 5 we have separate notions of orders and positions. Though, at first it was a little confusing.

2) Object-oriented programming. The code becomes clear with it.

3) Modeling. I like the new features that appeared in the new platform.

In different times, different trading strategies like neural networks and martingales were popular. What do you think about such Expert Advisors?

True, there were times when Expert Advisors based on neural networks were very popular. But not all developers know how this network is described. I believe Expert Advisors must be simple and clear. There are a lot of Grails, and most of them lie on the surface. I don't like delving deep into the ground.

As for multicurrency Expert Advisors, I think they are good if trading is well adjusted for each currency pair.

Author: Automated-Trading

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