mql5buy://signal/subscribe/21249.Alfa_Scalp cannot be opened



I installed MT5 on OS X El Capitan, running on my Macbook Pro.  It is the latest MT5 version for Windows, running with the help of PlayOnMac and Wine, as recommended by the MT5 website. 

My problem is that I cannot subscribe to Signals.

If I try to subscribe to them on the website by clicking on „Copy Trades”, followed by „Start copying in MetaTrader”, I get an error message like this: 

"There is no application set to open the URL mql5buy://signal/subscribe/21249.Alfa_Scalp.”

I am asked to choose an application, but the *.exe files in /Program Files/MetatTrader 5 cannot be selected.  And if I choose PlayOnMac, then it does not work. 

 And selecting a Signal from the MT5 Terminal is not possible either, because, I do not have a „Signals” tab (nor a „Markets” or „Company” tab like on the screenshot on the Help page).  

 Thus, I am kinda stuck.  Is there a workaround to install signals on a Mac … or is it simply not possible to subscribe to Signals with a Macbook?

 Thank you!  

Sergey Golubev:

Thanks for your quick reply, Sergey. 

I solved the problem by installing VMWare Fusion, installing a Windows operating system under VMWare Fusion, then install MetaTrader under the Windows virtualization.  Just tried it, and it works.  It’s a good workaround for all people who have Macs.  

All the best!  

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