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use case diagram for expert advisor

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I am still kind of new about this expert advisor, but I am interested to use it for my final project in my college.

I am trying to create the use case diagram for this, I already read the article about developing it using UML tools though.

But right now, I am little confused, I attached my unfinished use case.

For this use case, If I am developing expert advisor, do i need to include user as primary actor? and what is the secondary actor for this one?

as you can see, user able to activate EA, modify code, and delete code, should I included login and register too?

and for expert advisor, I am still not sure, if my use case is correct

from what I think after EA generates trade signal, it will open new position, then maintain it. After that, calculate the profit, if it reach the desired profit, it will close that position.

Please tell me, if any of you have something to add or correct


usecase1.jpg 63 kb
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