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Help on VPS

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Hi all,


I just subscribed to a VPS into MT4 and behavior is strange:

=> I though it was to trade 24/7 with your EA without even starting your own MT4 is that the case cause looks like for me it's not running ?

=> Since I migrated, my allow auto-trading EA option has be deactivated is it normal (not to double with server ?) ? And if I activate it my EA is opening/closing/opening/closing...etc. unless I stop the VPS


Any clue to help ?




Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

Hi patch79,

As far as I know (it was written in some articles here) - auto-trading EA option is automatically activated in VPS (it can not be disactivated).
You can look at this post with the links of two articles and the answeres of the developer with the recent VPS news for example (hope this helps).

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