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Is threre a way to setup signal correctly

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Do you know that MQL5 is an object-oriented language?
audryste 2012.11.22 14:17 


one borker minimum transaction of 0.1 lot and signal is of 0.01  // need setup feature how much more I want to put more on a trade,

currency prefix and sufix: another one has suffix sychronization does not work. 


Finally I set up account as in signal again,

signal is ratio 1:500. I can't subsicribe to signal because my account ratio is also 1:500 and your cant subcribe to signal when account ratio more 1:100! WHY ???? 


What I have to do ? is there any way to fix any of these problems that I mentioned. (also i have Metatreder 4, not 5   )



lrcaste 2012.11.23 15:01  


This post ( refers to how the currency prefix/suffix issue will be fixed in the next release.


Also,  I have put together a simple spreadsheet with the lot size calculation performed by MT4/MT5 so we can figure out how the lot size conversion will work in our accounts.


My ECN account takes 0.1 lot as minimum size, so I need to figure out how much the "Allowable Load" needs to be so it can work properly, without receiving error messages like "invalid volume".

You can download it (, as we're not allowed to attach excel spreadsheets here.


However, we need to be aware that signals feature is new to MT4/MT5 platforms, so we need to be patient and test, test and test before going live. I have faced some unsync issues with apparently no reason. For example, last night, 3 trades out of 4 were closed even though in the signal's provider statement in MQL5 signals page the trades are there, still opened...


Please, dont' get me wrong, I love this new feature, but I think we still need to test it at lot before going live.


[EDIT]: Thanks phi nuts, I'm new here and I didn't know that. Attached ! =) 


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