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chart windows gets focus

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Willbur 2016.06.23 12:20 

Hi there,

 I have got a question about Chart Events:

Is it possible to check out, when a chart window becomes the “on top” one / gets the focus?

Already checked:    

Having e.g. the UK100 chart-window maximize on top, I call the e.g. EURUSD window to maximize by klicking the tab below.

Both windows gets a CHART_EVENT with id == CHARTEVENT_CHART_CHANGE

All the other parameters (lparam dparam sparam) are empty.

Unfortunately there are a lot of other reasons for the terminal to call the CHARTEVENT_CHART_CHANGE.

How to figure out what’s going on?

There is a ChartSetInteger(0,CHART_BRING_TO_TOP,0)  but no   ..Get..   for it.

This is also a Funktion ChartGetInteger(chart_ID,CHART_WINDOW_IS_VISIBLE,sub_window,value)) which deals only with subwindows.


What is my idea behind it?  I am not so happy with the auto scroll MT5 does. I would like to set the scale my way. At the moment I do that whenever the EA goes through OnInit (Start, Chance of Period) by setting the CHART_FIXED_MAX/ CHART_FIXED_Min values, which works fine.

When I switch between the Charts, MT5 seems to mix up the CHART_FIXED_MAX/ CHART_FIXED_Min values from one EA to the other.

Any idea?


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