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Private Message that might be a scam or a fraud

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 Not sure what's going on but I received this message from light22500


Hello, do you want to make money?
I mean real money?
Then all you have to do is to confirm any job I give to you, just only confirmation then after Work acceptance you have to send 80% to my moneybookers account then you can have the rest 20% of the money.
After you send the 80% of the job's amount to my account then I will give you another job like that and after that I will give you another job like that etc...

Example if I make a $50 job then you can send me $40 after work acceptance and keep $10 for yourself.
So that means you are lucky I chose you for this kind of job 


I suggest not taking his offer because it might use frauded funds and stuff like that ...  




P.S.: if this has been already discussed please excuse me 

Moses Olawale  Ajayi
Moses Olawale Ajayi  

I'm hearing this for the first time. It a total scam.Be watchful.!

Kindly report it to the Admin. So that other newbies might not fall into this trap.

"Obedience is better than sacrifices".

Oyebimpe Adeola Ojetunde
Oyebimpe Adeola Ojetunde  

It is simply scam. beware. Just tell/pm the Admin concerning the development.


phi nuts
phi nuts  

You should write to Service Desk, coz they can access Private Message if they have to. Anyway, I report this myself.

If any body else have receive PM that maybe a spam or a fraud, please write to service desk. 

Thanks for the warning - User Memo - User Memo
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phi nuts
phi nuts  

According to Rosh, he's banned at the moment. If you using forum search, there are other user who user name start with the word "light". 

Again, if anyone having this kind of problem, writing to service desk is much faster to get the problem solve than writing in the forum. 

I don't mind, though, if anyone writing this kind in the forum, as long as its legit. 

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