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CKH Strength IDX

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charly king her
charly king her  


OBJECTIVE:  This indicator reveals the current strength of symbols such as AUD, EUR, and USD through their indexes.

Strength of indexes are calculated based upon the USDIDX which has different weights on different currencies. 



Line 1 is the AUD index.

Line 2 is the CAD index. 

Line 3 is the CHF index.

Line 4 is the EUR index.

Line 5 is the GBP index.

Line 6 is the JPY index. 

 Line 7 is the NZD index.

Line 8 is the USD index.

Line 9 is the index for BASE symbol of current chart.

Line 10 is the index for MARGIN symbol of current.

If current chart is SEKJPY, SEK index will be line 9 and JPY will be line 6 and 10.  Because of this redundancy, line 10 will be empty.


UPDATES: The indicator works real good.  There will be constant improvement and updates.

If you have problem or need update, please visit xxxx for further information.

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