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Does MT must stay online to receive signal ?

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josejjm 2012.11.13 21:39 

To receive signals, metatrader must always be online?


A few signs can subscribe at a time per account?
Moses Olawale  Ajayi
Moses Olawale Ajayi 2012.11.14 11:11  

YES, your mt4/mt5 trading platform must be online in order to receive signal from your signal provider.

The signal services only allow one signal per account.

Peter Atkinson-Crawford
Peter Atkinson-Crawford 2012.11.15 05:13  

When they implement the Trusted Execution Token you won't require your mt4/mt5 to be online.

From what I can gather the instruction will be sent to your brokers trade server on your behalf, assuming your broker has upgraded their trade server. 

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