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looking for some correction in an indicator,can some one help

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anurag bhargava
anurag bhargava 2016.06.08 07:46 

I am using an indicator called fibopiv_v2 in mt5,it has marked support/resistance levels,but the price levels are not indicated,

link for  understanding the problem.

Ernst Van Der Merwe
Ernst Van Der Merwe 2016.06.08 09:46  

Replace/edit this block:

   SetText(0,"R3_Lable",0,TextTime,R3,"Resistance 3 "+DoubleToString(R3,_Digits),Color_R3,"Times New Roman",TextSize,ANCHOR_LEFT_LOWER);
   SetText(0,"R2_Lable",0,TextTime,R2,"Resistance 2 "+DoubleToString(R2,_Digits),Color_R2,"Times New Roman",TextSize,ANCHOR_LEFT_LOWER);
   SetText(0,"R1_Lable",0,TextTime,R1,"Resistance 1 "+DoubleToString(R1,_Digits),Color_R1,"Times New Roman",TextSize,ANCHOR_LEFT_LOWER);
   SetText(0,"Pivot_Lable",0,TextTime,P,"Piviot level "+DoubleToString(P,_Digits),Color_P,"Times New Roman",TextSize,ANCHOR_LEFT_LOWER);
   SetText(0,"S1_Lable",0,TextTime,S1,"Support 1 "+DoubleToString(S1,_Digits),Color_S1,"Times New Roman",TextSize,ANCHOR_LEFT_LOWER);
   SetText(0,"S2_Lable",0,TextTime,S2,"Support 2 "+DoubleToString(S2,_Digits),Color_S2,"Times New Roman",TextSize,ANCHOR_LEFT_LOWER);
   SetText(0,"S3_Lable",0,TextTime,S3,"Support 3 "+DoubleToString(S3,_Digits),Color_S3,"Times New Roman",TextSize,ANCHOR_LEFT_LOWER);
anurag bhargava
anurag bhargava 2016.06.08 15:21  

thanks,for the help

can these prices be put at the beginning of the levels,they are coming in b/w

and secondly I want to mark some new levels into it,can that be marked.


following levels : 1.b/w pivot and r1,formula for that

                          x = (r1- pivot)/3

                          y =  x/2

                          line a = x + pivot

                          line b = line a +y

       similarily b/w pivot and s1, formula

                         x = (pivot - s1)/3

                         y = x/2

                         line a = pivot - x

                        line b = line a - y


                       2. b/w r1 and r2,formula

                          line c = (r2 - r1)/3

          similarily b/w s1 and s2,formula

                          line c = (s1 - s2)/3 

nickgreer 2016.06.08 23:23  

Hi Guys...

I am trying to improve the push notifications that come through on my indicator and I am looking to space out the bid and ask values can someone help

This is what i have so far:

if (NotificationON) SendNotification ("DOWN signal on " + _Symbol +  Ask + Bid);


if (NotificationON) SendNotification ("UP signal on " + _Symbol +  Ask + Bid);

This is what displays as the notification:

DOWN signal on UK10062976295

How do i make the above more legible

Sorry really new to this....

Biantoro Kunarto
Biantoro Kunarto 2016.06.09 02:48  
if (NotificationON) SendNotification ("DOWN signal on " + _Symbol + " " +  Ask + " " + Bid);


if (NotificationON) SendNotification ("UP signal on " + _Symbol + " " +  Ask + " " + Bid);
nickgreer 2016.06.09 20:56  
biantoro kunarto:

Brilliant thank you.....

works great....

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