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Discussion of article "Interview with Matúš German (ATC 2012)"

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New article Interview with Matúš German (ATC 2012) is published:

It's the second time Matúš German participates in the Automated Trading Championship. By the end of the fourth week of ATC 2012 his Expert Advisor has been holding its positions in the TOP-10 having about $30 000. Matúš is from Slovakia, from the little town Bardejov. Matúš is interested in trading for about 5 years and he develops Expert Advisors for 3 years already.

The situation with your Expert Advisor this year is similar to the last year. It has made a huge profit in the first three weeks of the competition. In the last year's interview you told us that you had doubts about your success. What are your expectations this year?

I have exact the same doubts this year. Like I've already mentioned, the system must be very risky. Next week, I could very simply fall to last places. My luck depends on the market. But I am very happy that I occupy the TOP-10 for some time this year again and it is a small proof for me that I am good at what I do.

This time it's a multicurrency Expert Advisor. Why have you chosen it? Tell us more about your trading robot.

That's quite easy enough. I've done it because of diversification. I wanted to participate with a multicurrency Expert Advisor last year, but I did not know how to program a good multicurrency system. This year I developed an Expert Advisor based on a trend following system. It is not very good for live trading, but it is a good base for adding more features.

Matúš German - participant of the Automated Trading Championship 2012

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