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Quoting for a robot job

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JB999 2012.11.05 19:33 


I am new to the forum so please accept my apologies if I have done this request incorrectly.

I would like to know if it is possible to ask for a quotation within the JOBS section ?

I do not know what the cost would or should be for the job I need written.

I do not have a lot of funds available but I want the job done. 

Of course I would offer my specification for review.

If this is possible would you kindly tell me how to go about this.




Moses Olawale  Ajayi
Moses Olawale Ajayi 2012.11.06 03:22  

Choose one of the developer at the job section and send private message to him/her requesting for the quotation of the job you want to do.

Or open the job and some of the coders who applied for it will tell you the cost of your job. - User Memo - User Memo
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