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Hi all,

2D/3D visualization in MT5 is simply genius. But of course, as always, when a baby gets a toy, it wants more! :)

1) besides maxbalance as a z coordinate (3D), i would like to visualize it with other results, e.g. balance drawdawn relative (%)
2) I'd love to check the older results by opening a xml/csv from disk
3) like 1), but with some custom calculations results

As i don't believe that Metaquotes will implement any of these, i tried to find a solution outside the MT5.
However, the results were poor.  i have tried out  a number of tools (>20)  in a search for a simple click&visualize,
but i didn't manage even to import the results properly.

The  only option left is to use matlab/gnuplot/R, but this demands time, and besides it want be possible to simply zoom/rotate the result.

The last resort is to write visualization tool myself, which again, demands time.

So...  anybody? Ideas, suggestions?  

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