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Discussion of article "Interview with Egidijus Bockus (ATC 2012)"

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MetaQuotes Software Corp. 2012.11.01 19:12 

New article Interview with Egidijus Bockus (ATC 2012) is published:

"I examined many indicators before realizing that they are not necessary for making money on Forex" - our present interviewee Egidijus Bockus (Egidijus) told us boldly. We have all reasons to take his words seriously, as his Expert Advisor occupies the third place with more than $32 000 beginning from the third week of the Automated Trading Championship 2012.

How did you start your Forex activity? Was it your education that sparked your interest in this market?

Yes, probably. I studied shares and options at the university. I traded them for some time and then switched to more stable work. Four years ago I became interested in that again but I wanted to try the more liquid Forex market that time.

What market and shares did you trade initially? What platform did you use?

I have traded Lithuanian shares via the platform offered by one of the Lithuanian banks. This was about 10 years ago. I became interested in Forex somewhere in 2008 and chose MetaTrader 4. I liked this platform. I know MQL4 language well enough. I did a lot of programming using it. When MetaTrader 5 was released it lacked the strategy tester at first. I wanted to develop Forex robots in some new languages. Therefore, I learned Java.

Egidijus Bockus (Egidijus) in the Automated Trading Championship 2012

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