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When small trend conflicts with major trend, what action will you take?

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Liping Wang
Liping Wang 2012.10.31 01:46 
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Rogerio Figurelli
Rogerio Figurelli 2012.10.31 05:49  

Hi MarketArt, very good question (maybe the one million dollar question).

The main problem is: which came first? (the chicken or the egg).

In my opinion, it's possible create good strategies in the three situations, and the first that came to my mind was using the second option (and so I choose this).

But option three looks more rational and I think will win.



Moses Olawale  Ajayi
Moses Olawale Ajayi 2012.10.31 09:57  

The bst is to Wait until small trend is the same as big trend
Rob Cain
Rob Cain 2012.10.31 21:21  

A good Idea, could be to take an additional position, this could consist of a position in the opposite direction,

assuming you have a position at the start of the major trend then this would protect any gain and guard against a mini reversal come major one

I chose,  Wait until small trend is the same as big trend

It makes  sense in my book to follow the masses, more potential with the engine powering in the same direction as your position                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

joncarton 2013.02.02 08:28  
 Follow big trend, ignore small trend
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