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MT4/MT5 Transition

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Michael Maggi
Michael Maggi 2016.05.20 01:22 

I see MT5 in my future but how to get there?

My broker doesn't offer MT5 and I don't want to switch immediately. One option I am considering is using a DEMO MT5 and a TRADER COPIER to a LIVE MT4 on the same computer.  Will this work on a short term basis? 

I realize the database for MT5 and MT4 would be different. I am not sure how different but I will try to visually compare next. Is it possible to have the MT5 reference the MT4 database (I am guessing it is impossible but I wanted to ask.)

The easiest would be to open a new account with an MT5 broker or wait until Pepperstone or FXCM start making MT5 available, but I did not want to wait or change if I can help it. 

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