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Discussion of article "Interview with Atsushi Yamanaka (ATC 2011)"

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New article Interview with Atsushi Yamanaka (ATC 2011) is published:

What is common between skydiving, Futures, Hawaii, translations and spies? We didn't know it until we've managed to communicate with disqualified participant Atsushi Yamanaka (alohafx). His has a creed "Life is Good!", and one can hardly doubt that. It was interesting to know that distances between the continents are not an obstacle for communication among our Championship's participants.

Atsushi Yamanaka: "Life is Good!"

Please, tell us about yourself. We know that you have participated in ATC 2008. How long have you been in trading and programming in MQL4/5?

I started trading in 2006 as an extra income, as my work is little related to Yena vs. Dollar oscillations. I met MetaTrader 4 soon after that. Although my programming skill were basic from university education, I started learning MQL4 in 2007. The result of this struggle was 480th place in Automated Trading Championship 2008.

Trading is my hobby along with robots (many Japanese people like this), radio controlled airplanes and helicopters. I also like to potter with computer hardware.

Interesting that back in 2008 you have attended from USA, and now from Japan. Where are you from actually?

Half in Japan and Half in here, of course paying tax for both. Currently, I'm in Hawaii state. By the way my nickname consists of word aloha and fx. First is a Hawaiian salutation, the second is a well known acronym.

I'm working here in Hawaii as a skydiving instructor. Jumped almost 14 000 times. Truly, this excites no less than currency movements. Life is Good!

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