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Ivaylo Petkov
Ivaylo Petkov 2016.05.16 00:38 

I would like to start a discussion with the goal to get final answers on what is really missing in terms of free or paid service that can really bring value to the traders.

- We know there are all the social websites and platforms that you can get insights and copy other traders, but is this really working and what are the negatives? How do we choose the best one, don't we want to have all people in one place to really see the best traders in the world?

- There are so many brokers but how is the best one?

- There are many signals - some free some paid but is this really working. Does it make sense to have them combined?

- Same for EAs

- Do we need a powerful tool to analyze some of the above collected data for us?

We can list many more tools, websites communities, services and offers for traders but why most are still failing. Is it only because we miss the really good winning strategy or there is something else we could have that is currently missing out there that can help us be successful. Or can we (all the traders) make a solution that will combine us in a way that we beat the smart money, institutions instead of trying to steal from each other?

Let's make a really productive discussion in the end!



Alejandro Cuartas
Alejandro Cuartas 2016.06.27 17:59  

Will be a long conversation.

In EAs i thing is a good idea have some of them combined, have a portfolio is better than having only a EA 

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