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Need Help in this EA

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Umair Khalil
Umair Khalil 2016.05.11 13:30 

How are you today. i was just checking this EA for MT4.


i would like to know is it possible when open first order lets say for 



buy order lot 0.10  108.850  t/p 108.880 and s/l 107.990
sell stop  lot 0.30   108.820 t/p 107.990 and s/l 108.880

when it did not go in profit and and sell stop order execute 
distance for placing 2-nd hedging deal 
lets suppose we have set it to 5 pips 
then t/p and s/l are according to that which are fixed t/p 30 and s/l 60 pips

but when distance for 2nd hedge is applied then t/p and /sl poition change 
i want can we set it to fixed t/p and s/l for the first position open even though we change the distance for 2-nd hedge.
buy order lot 0.60  108.845 (5 pip distance) t/p 108.875 and s/l 107.995

i want it should be  108.845 (5 pip distance) t/p 108.880 and s/l 107.990

please reply me 

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