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Discussion of article "Interview with Achmad Hidayat (ATC 2012)"

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MetaQuotes Software Corp. 2012.10.19 09:02 

New article Interview with Achmad Hidayat (ATC 2012) is published:

Throughout the entire duration of the Automated Trading Championship 2012, we will be providing live coverage of the events - hot reports and interviews every week. This report spotlights Achmad Hidayat (achidayat), the participant from Indonesia. On the first day of the Championship his Expert Advisor secured its position in the third ten, which is a good start. Achmad has sparked our interest with his active participation in the MQL5 Market. He has already published over 20 products thus far.

Please tell us about your trading experience. What was your first profit and loss?

I started with manual trading using technical indicators. But I could not cope with the emotional side and had quite a few losses. Then I got interested in trading robots. I managed to get some profit using them which however could not cover for losses. Now I hope to get some money through participation in the Championship. If all my profits are taken into account, they will not cover all the losses. But I am still optimistic about Forex trading, especially using Expert Advisors.

Tell us about your ATC 2012 Expert Advisor. What strategy and indicators do you use?

My Expert Advisor, Super-G, utilizes four technical indicators to open positions: MACD, Stochastic Oscillator, Parabolic SAR and Momentum. I also use trailing stop to protect the profit. My Expert Advisor is multicurrency and it can work on 10 currency pairs. It initially worked on all the 12 pairs available, but I had to remove two of them to comply with the 30 minute time limit during autotests. Why do I use multicurrency Expert Advisor? I believe in the power of synergy. The more currencies are involved, the higher is the result.

Achmad Hidayat (achidayat)

Author: Automated-Trading

Aaronsebaronse 2013.02.27 23:38  

Good luck Achmad.

Achmad Hidayat
Achmad Hidayat 2013.02.28 23:38  

Good luck Achmad.

Thank you,

Good luck too ...

Mirza Baig
Mirza Baig 2013.03.20 04:58  
Hi Achmad ! When championship starts and ends ? And where we can see the live results ? Thanks
Achmad Hidayat
Achmad Hidayat 2013.03.20 11:12  
Hi Achmad ! When championship starts and ends ? And where we can see the live results ? Thanks


If you mean ATC, it annually start from October to December.

If you mean championship in my campus, it not started yet.

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