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Discussion of article "Champions League: Interview with Roman Zamozhniy (ATC 2011)"

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MetaQuotes Software Corp.
MetaQuotes Software Corp. 2012.10.14 18:47 

New article ATC Champions League: Interview with Roman Zamozhniy (ATC 2011) is published:

This is the first interview in the "ATC Champions League" project. Roman Zamozhniy (Rich) from Ukraine was the winner of the first Automated Trading Championship in 2006. In addition, he is a regular participant of our Championships - he has not missed a single contest. In this interview, we talked about Roman's first place and tried to figure out what is necessary for successful participation.

Roman, what experience does participation in the Championship give? What were the bonuses of your first place in the Automated Trading Championship 2006?

Let's start with bonuses. First of all, I got confidence in the trading platform, in that I can create a reliable code that I can safely use myself and sell it if necessary. Also, the Championship is an excellent place for meeting new people. There are a lot of interesting people and even more interesting ideas on the ATC website and in the forum. During the Championship, you can find a lot of valuable ideas for future use among the users' comments. Also, the victory gives confidence in that on the basis of the first two bonuses, you can implement almost anything in automated trading. It is difficult to judge about the experience. By the time of my participation in the ATC 2006, I already had a large programming experience, including participation in complex projects, so for me personally ATC was just part of that. For other participants the Championship surely gave a different experience

Do you think trading in today's volatile financial conditions can also be profitable? Is it risky?

Investing in periods of financial crisis is becoming riskier. But trading is the same. Trading and crisis are in different realities. And definitely my trading results do not depend and have no effect on the global financial situation. We are traders - speculator, we buy cheap and sell dear, and there is no crisis (if you guess right).

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