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Discussion of article "Interview with Berron Parker (ATC 2010)"

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New article Interview with Berron Parker (roadrunna11) (ATC 2010) is published:

During the first week of the Championship Berron's Expert Advisor has been on the top position. He now tells us about his experience of EA development and difficulties of moving to MQL5. Berron says his EA is set up to work in a trend market, but can be weak in other market conditions. However, he is hopeful that his robot will show good results in this competition.

Berron, when did you start to develop Expert Advisors?

Well in 2004 I started playing around with manual trading (I say playing because that’s all it really was back then). It wasn’t until about 4 years ago, some months before Automated Trading Championship 2006, that I discovered MQL4. When I was trading manually I studied many forums and technical indicators but traded only demo accounts. Then I opened a micro account around 2006 with $300, took it down to $150, built it back up with a self developed EA to around $1600, and then blew it all thinking I was some sort of expert!

Was it a lesson for you?

Most definitely, it was an important lesson. A lot of literature you read will talk about the psychology of trading (especially greed and fear) and you won't really understand it and how you personally react to the emotions of trading until you have your own real money in the market place. I look upon it as I paid $300 for some valuable education. That’s not a bad price.

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