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Discussion of article "Interview with Li Fang (ATC 2011)"

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New article Interview with Li Fang (ATC 2011) is published:

On the seventh week of the Championship, Li Fang's Expert Advisor (lf8749) set a new record - it earned over $100,000 in 10 trades. This successful series helped the Expert Advisor to stay at the very top of the Automated Trading Championship 2011 rating for two weeks. In this interview we tried to find out the secret of Li Fang's success.

Can quantum mechanics be applied to financial markets?

No, I do not think the principles of quantum mechanics can be used directly on the exchange. But it can draw on research methods. Single elementary particle in quantum mechanics cannot describe the law of motion, which makes me feel that in FOREX market research does not make sense.

However, the movement of a group of elementary particles exists. As foreign exchange trading, the price will always comply with the final location of the golden rule. For example, as the price of foreign exchange movements in the moment do not care, but focus on the overall market's direction of motion.

Li Fang (lf8749)

Author: Automated-Trading

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