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Discussion of article "Interview with Leonid Velichkovsky: "The Biggest Myth about Neural Networks is Super-Profitability" (ATC 2010)"

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New article Interview with Leonid Velichkovsky: "The Biggest Myth about Neural Networks is Super-Profitability" (ATC 2010) is published:

The hero of our interview Leonid Velichkovski (LeoV) has already participated in Automated Trading Championships. In 2008, his multicurrency neural network was like a bright flash in the sky, earning $110,000 in a certain moment, but eventually fell victim to its own aggressive money management. Two years ago, in his interview Leonid share his own trading experience and told us about the features of his Expert Advisor. On the eve of the ATC 2010, Leonid talks about the most common myths and misconceptions associated with neural networks.

- Leonid, you are a rare representative of the traders' community, who use neural networks for trading. These are quite complicated developments, but the army of their fans keeps growing. What attracts you in neural networks?

- Six years ago, at the very beginning, neural networks attracted me with their novelty, unusual mysterious character and seemingly high profitability. Over the years, many myths have gone, but neural networks still attract me with their ability to adapt to any curve and to find patterns where nothing and nobody else can find them.

- Could you tell more about the myths associated with neural networks? Have you met any disillusionment in this field?

- The biggest myth associated with neural networks is their super-profitability. But this applies not only to neural networks, but to Forex as a whole. At first it seems that it is easy to earn - buy and sell, there's nothing complicated in it. Later, however, some factors appear, of which you did not even know - only then you start to comprehend and understand them. In neural networks, disappointing is the very thing that attracts you - their ability to train and adapt to any market with any data available. Their big advantage is a significant disadvantage when applied to financial markets. This is an amazing metamorphosis!

Leonid Velichkovski

Author: Automated-Trading

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