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MetaQuotes Software Corp.
MetaQuotes Software Corp. 2012.10.12 13:30 

New article Interview with Alexander Topchylo (ATC 2010) is published:

Alexander Topchylo (Better) is the winner of the Automated Trading Championship 2007. Alexander is an expert in neural networks - his Expert Advisor based on a neural network was on top of best EAs of year 2007. In this interview Alexander tells us about his life after the Championships, his own business and new algorithms for trading systems.

- Hello Alexander. What were the two years of your life after the Automated Trading Championship 2008?

- This time I have been doing the same that I had been doing before it – trading. However, I had traded for my own benefit. And after I won the Championship I started to work with investors. Now I manage investor accounts. Winning the Championship was a powerful advertisement for my business.

Author: Automated-Trading

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