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capelle 2012.09.29 13:51 

Hi Traders

I have very good Meta4 indicator. I use it for 2 years
Who can I rewrite for meta 5

Liping Wang
Liping Wang 2012.09.29 18:12  

Publish your requirements at Jobs section, somebody will help you.

kwaldron 2012.09.30 07:22  

I have been trading with MT4 for some years. i have now changed to MT5 because I needed more charts. I use the MACD indicator to make decisions in my trading but the version of MACD supplied  isn't acceptable. I picked up a file on the Internet called MACD True which contains the code for the traditional version of this indicator which I need to add but when I do that the idicator dosen't look anything like it should. Can anyone out there tell me how to add and compile this indiccator to my MT5 platform ?

Moses Olawale  Ajayi
Moses Olawale Ajayi 2012.10.22 15:24  

I think you need to add it to the job section.


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