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Create MT4 indicator from NinjaTrader feed

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rg144 2016.04.13 16:34 

Hi guys-

I was wondering if there was

a) a way to connect feed MT4 data from NinjaTrader (volume data)    and then

b) create a real-time indicator from this data?

I have googled and there are few MT4 <--> Ninja bridges (allowing you to send orders from Ninja ----> MT4 using MT4's feed)

This doesn't really help.


I want to trade in MT4, but require NinjaTrader to send volume data (real-time) to MT4, and then look to create an inidcator from this data. 


Is this possible?

Appreciate any help.

rg144 2016.04.16 09:19  
anyone, is this possible?
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