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Example for including c++ dlls without VisualStudio

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aseidel 2012.09.27 00:43 

Hello anybody,

can anybody point me to some working example code to the following feature of MT5 as shown in the article 'MetaTrader 5 - More Than You Can Imagine'?

7.4. Fast Compilation of C++ DLL. Many developers use third-party DLLs when developing applications in MQL5. With MetaEditor 5 you do not need to use MS Visual Studio for compiling DLL. The editor supports standard cpp and h-files and compiles them as easily as the MQL5 source code. If MS Visual Studio is installed on your computer, its compiler is used. Otherwise, the required files are sent to a special compilation server via a secure connection. After compilation the ready DLL file is sent back to you.

Like with the MQL5 source code, all compilation results, including errors and warnings, appear in the Error tab of the Toolbox window.

If  this remote compiling service is not available then is VisualStudio2010 Express sufficient to compile dlls within metatrader editor, or is the professional version necessary?

Oh, I have the 64bit MT + Win7 64 installed

MetaTrader 5 - More Than You Can Imagine!
MetaTrader 5 - More Than You Can Imagine!
  • 2012.06.01
  • MetaQuotes Software Corp.
The MetaTrader 5 client terminal has been developed from scratch and far surpasses its predecessor, of course. The new trading platform provides unlimited opportunities for trading in any financial market. Moreover, its functionality keeps expanding to offer even more useful features and convenience. So, it is now quite difficult to list all the numerous advantages of MetaTrader 5. We have tried to briefly describe them in one article, and we got surprised with the result' the article is far from brief!
Alexey Petrov
Alexey Petrov 2012.09.27 10:38  
An Express version is sufficient. For more details, please refer to MetaEditor User Guide.
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