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MqlTick showing incorrect flags

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brunnohersan 2016.04.08 19:24 

Hey guys,


I have just started using the MqlTick structure and I think I'm getting wrong information from it. The code I'm using is really simple, and I'm only receiving the flags TICK_FLAG_ASK, TICK_FLAG_BID and sometimes I get TICK_FLAG_LAST along with TICK_FLAG_VOLUME.

From what I've seen in the documentation, I was expecting to get a lot of flags indicating buy/sell (yes, I've tried a high liquidity asset), but I did not get any of those. Does anybody know if this might be a problem with the feed I get from my broker?


Thanks in advance. 

Alain Verleyen
Alain Verleyen 2016.04.08 20:04  
These informations are not available on all symbols/brokers.
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