NEWBIE: How to adjust lot size

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Tan Shyong
Tan Shyong  
Hi Pros and Experts,
Is there anyway I can set my lot size by percentage?
For example 50% lesser of the executed lot size from the signal I subscribed. As my balance and the signal balance are too far away.

Happy piping
Marco vd Heijden
Marco vd Heijden  
increase or decrease account balance.
David Joseph
David Joseph  
What you have to do is while subscribing on copying deals a page will pop-up, and from here you can make some setting changes to affect your account
set the maximum size of use on your account, the maximum is 95.5% of your balance
and set the volume of your trades must recommendable (0.01) though will give you very low return if your subscriber deals on tp with lower pips and vise versa will it cost you low lost on your account
NUMBER OF LOTS: make sure you calculate the number of lots that can stand your margin should the subsriber trades on negative results 
and be sure you make this changes as am afraid if you could again have access to making adjustments after subscription

but alternatively, On your meta trader 4, go to; TOOLS - OPTIONS - SIGNALS
then check your sttings and make some to fit your desired balance

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