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Automated-Trading 2012.09.18 13:36 


The script is developed for placing a BuyStop order with fixed trigger levels, Stop Loss and Take Profit levels in points from the current price.

Author: Nikolay Kositsin

navmich 2013.08.28 20:47  


it looks like you are pros scripts writer. I have one problem. I need to set buy stop order with any size (0,01 lot) and add to position after 1/2 ATR (again 0,01 lot) etc. I need to add three times to my initial position. It means four positions with size 0,01 lot at all. At the same time I need to change initial size (and size of all added positions too) in relationship with my moneymanagement.

Sometimes the market is too quick and in that case I am not able to start all my positions by correct way. 

Can you help me? 

Thank you!


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