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Cooperation of us

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I have been working on an EA for almost half a year. I gathered 2 friends who worked with me. Due to my perfectionism, we end up with a pretty universal framework. This framework is capable of executing strategies described in a configuration file. Every strategy is based upon an indicator with standardized interface and set of various rules for entering and exiting positions. Beside, we have a tools for optimization and visualization of those strategies which provide a guide how to configure them. Thus, a person can come up with arbitrary indicator, use optimization and visualization tools and set up configuration file which will be used for trading. We used it for training a strategy and tested it online. First month it was amazingly good the others loosing. What we need is to come up with many ideas for indicators and test many different setting to get some really successful EA. Unfortunately, we worked so hard that we almost fell down on floor exhausted and decided to take a long break. (I believe, this is how many great project end up in a bin.)

Nevertheless: Here comes a part for everybody interested. Being a bit rested, we consider opening our framework to wider community of participants. We would like to try much more indicators and settings as well as hear comments and new ideas. We have based our cooperation on those ideals:

 1) Small players in this domain do not have to compete. Thus, cooperation is very much in their profit (literally :-) ).

 2) Every participant owns the project and can leave at any time. Loosing control over the code (probably even if going public) is not bringing any harm to the others.


Getting well rested over the summer, we observe the situation with much better distance. It actually does not matter how we achieve the target. We can either join somebody and cooperate on his project or (if we find an response) we can continue on a reformed version of our project.

Now, I would like to ask everybody who took care to read to this point to leave his ideas how to continue and what to do below . I do not know how likely is achieving this; Nevertheless, our goal is to earn life by trading (and reinvesting the money into other assets - pretty much following Kiyosaki's books) in long term perspective and we are open to mutual help and cooperation on this target. Please, give me know if you are interested in the same. If you leave us know about you, we can discuss our opportunities and perhaps reach the goal together. 

we end up with a pretty universal framework.

Is it possible to take a quick look at your codes?Does it need a lot of configurations?you said it had only worked for one month

which leads me to think that you focused on the unimportant parts more than the logic.I would come up with a good strategy ,then would work on the customizations.

personally,I think simple strategies  work much better than the complex ones.

All you need is a strategy that wins more than 50 times out of 100 in the  back testing for more that 6 months.

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