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Jakub Vrši
Jakub Vrši 2016.03.21 23:14 

Hi guys, just started with mql4 and have completely no programming experience.

Do you please know about something which is for absolute mql virgin and prick-proof?

I tried this in mql4 but there is more errors than words 8=( 

void OnTick()



   if (double iMA (0, 0, 5, 5, MODE_SMA,PRICE_MEDIAN, 1) = PRICE_MEDIAN)

   int OrderSend (0,OP_BUY, 1, Ask, 3, 10, 30, ... )




Marco vd Heijden
Marco vd Heijden 2016.03.21 23:18  
look at MACD sample EA yes.
Otto Pauser
Otto Pauser 2016.03.22 00:28  

Hi !

There are much videos and tutorials on YouTube. Look for 'Jim Dandy' or visit his page (

This is NO advertisment! I am a experianced programmer but things like timeseries, indicatorbuffers, plotbuffers .... need to be explained.

If You don't have c++ experiance it could get hard.

Kind regards and good luck!

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