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Bug With Elliott Wave Drawing Tool & a suggestion

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Do you know that MQL5 has classes?
xqq 2010.04.08 21:04 

I have experienced a bug using Elliott Wave Drawing tool,

 After drawing on a time frame and switching to other time frames switching is slow, and the drawing text is jumping to other place for a while and come back to it's original place, 

 then disappear for a moment, then come back then jump to another place, and so on . ! and it disappears from object list menu !!


I hope this bug is considered because Elliott tool is one of the few things i like in MT5. 


It would be nice If I can define in advance what Degree is associated with which Time frame. so when drawing in a certain Time frame it draws using that degree 

e.g    Drawing in an hourly chart is associated with Minor Degree.  (User Entry) 

Drawing in a 30 minutes chart is associates with Minute Degree (User Entry) 


if you are interested I have a lot of improvements to this tool :) 

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