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A simple question

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aminecr9 2016.03.03 19:16 
sorry for my english . I have a EA named hedging recovery  and I 'm from morrocco I want to know what's the best brocker hwo support using EA with metatreader 4  without any problem . thanks for help .
Osama Shaban
Osama Shaban 2016.03.03 20:08  

Salam aminecr9

No problem about your English. At least, it is easy to understand :)

Telling about brokers is considered here as spam, I suppose. 

If you really looking to open an account with good broker, just send me a private message, there a re a list of good brokers 

but choosing one of them is not easy as you have to know what is the specifications of the account you're looking for like,

Std, mini, micro, leverage, your deposit, payment and withdrawal options, ... etc.

Good luck ... 

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